Transition Planning for Military Families:

At St. Andrew Elementary, we understand that transitions can be challenging for military families. Administration meets with families and offers a tour of the school; in addition we also review the Student Handbook with families and take time to answer questions.

Academic Planning for Military Families:

The school reviews the student’s IEP and meets with the Military Family and service providers to ensure that all academic needs are met. Teachers inform parents of student progress through Class Do Jo, progress reports and report cards. IEP review meetings and parent conferences are held as needed based on teacher or parent requests.

Resources for Military Families:

St. Andrew Elementary ensures that our military families receive an array of educational resources, including access to online curriculum and digital resources provided through Bay District Schools. We offer a social skills development program which can be accessed online or in the classroom. In addition to the PBIS Rewards program, St. Andrew School implements a schoolwide behavior incentive program called PAWS (Positive Actions Work System). Students have the opportunity to earn privileges and rewards based on their individual level. Parent Training Nights are held throughout the year so that the Military Families can foster a sense of belonging. In addition, our School Counselor and TRIAD staff collaborate with outside agencies to ensure students' success.

Student-Led Transition Team (S2S Club):

St Andrew Elementary offers the opportunity for PEER Buddies for our new military students. In addition, new students have the opportunity to apply for ITV and participate in Earned Tiger Activities.

Support for Military ESE Children:

At our school, students receive a very small, intensive academic setting. We offer Social Skills Instruction in addition to academics and individualized behavior interventions. St. Andrew utilizes positive reinforcements and restorative practices to shape student behavior. The school uses a token economy and a point-and-level system. We understand that military students with exceptional needs face specific challenges and need extra support. Students have access to School Counselor, BCBA and TRIAD team services.


Military Recognition Events:

We value and honor our military community. At St. Andrew Elementary, we celebrate Purple Up Day, a fun and festive occasion. In addition, all of our students create cards for veterans to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. The VFW is invited to participate in our annual Veterans Day Ceremony.

Mental Health Resources For Military Families:

We understand that our students' mental health and well-being, including military children, are paramount. St Andrew Elementary has a TRIAD mental health team and a BCBA on staff. Our School Counselor provides Community of Care referrals for students and works closely with outside agencies and families to provide wrap-around services. We have a token economy and a level system to support behavioral needs. We also provide direct Social Skills instruction.

Any Other Military/Related Details/Programs:

Individual classes create appreciation cards for veterans expressing gratitude for their service and sacrifice throughout the year.

OCSD Resources

BDS Resources for Military Families

The Bay District Schools website has a detailed list of Military Family Resources and Educational Opportunities to best assist your family. It contains a PCS document, services, programs, educational resources, and so much more to aid in the success of your educational goals.

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